Soonr Brings Desktop Documents to Your iPhone


soonrSoonr brings a nice application to the iPhone today which looks to be a real productivity booster. Check the video demonstration below or the press release (PDF) and you’ll see why I think that. The free application helps bridge the gap between your desktop and your iPhone thanks to the cloud. I expect we’ll see many more services like this in 2009 as 3G and WiFi hotspots continue expanding in terms of availability, not to mention decreased online storage costs.

Like the Dropbox web app on my iPhone, Soonr provides mobile access to your documents at home. The service synchronizes local files and places them in the cloud to make it appear that you’re viewing files directly from your desktop on the phone. That’s not new as we’ve seen that with Dropbox, SugarSync, Live Mesh and other services. It’s the iPhone application that really lets the service shine because it supports over 30 different file types for viewing. Using Dropbox on my iPhone, I can listen to an .MP3 files, but I can’t  review an .RTF file.

Soonr also allows sending of files and the ability to comment on the files. Commenting might not be a hugely desirable feature for a single user, but collaborators will definitely benefit. Another useful aspect: you can print documents from the iPhone application. The printouts will appear at a shared, local printer (nobody has figured out how to print small pages right out of the iPhone ;) ) and you can even have Soonr send you a text message once the print job is complete. No document editing just yet, but that’s pretty common to all apps in this space. Unless those folks at DataViz have something up their sleeve, that is.



I downloaded the Soonr desktop app for Mac and when I start the program, it ask for Activation key. there is no information about getting this from Soonr website. Weird…


Good quick review of Soonr. You nailed all the same points I saw. But there are several apps that can edit documents on the iPhone, just not Office files. One app from QuickOffice called Mobile Files Pro now even edit native .xls. Take a look at iStorage, TextGuru, FTP on the Go, or Magic Pad.

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