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Roku to Add Amazon VOD

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Roku announced today that it will be adding Amazon’s Video On Demand (S AMZN) streaming service to its set-top box as the company moves beyond just being the Netflix player. The new Amaz-oku service will be available “beginning in early 2009.”

From the press release:

Amazon Video On Demand and the Roku Player will enable customers to:

  • Access and add to their virtual library of purchases via Amazon Video On Demand’s Your Video Library, and re?watch them anytime on the Roku Player or online with a PC, MAC or other compatible device.
  • Watch new release movies the same day that they are released on DVD. Hit titles such as “The Dark Knight,” “Hancock,” “Pineapple Express”, “Tropic Thunder” and hundreds more that are not currently available on the Roku Player.
  • Enjoy instant playback, no downloading, no waiting and no subscription fee.
  • Browse’s huge selection of over 40,000 movies and TV shows for rent or purchase.
  • Enjoy Amazon Video On Demand’s high?quality video through its use of the advanced h.264 codec and an automatic bandwidth detection feature that seamlessly plays back the best quality file at either 300, 600, 900 or 1200 kbps.
  • Easily setup their Roku Player using its built?in Wi?Fi connection and begin watching videos within minutes.
  • Connect their Roku Player to any television set using HDMI, Component Video, Composite Video, S?Video, Stereo Audio or Optical Audio connections.

This means that Roku users can enjoy both new releases a la carte through Amazon (rental prices range from $0.99 to $3.99), and watch older, library content through their Netflix subscription — all for just $99. And since Roku said last year that it was opening up its box and streaming video from other “big name” providers, you can bet your bippy more content partnerships are on the way.

7 Responses to “Roku to Add Amazon VOD”

  1. When I tested Amazon Video On Demand last month it didn’t work well. And that was standard definition. After about 20 minutes it just locked up and that was that. Amazon issued a refund.

    It will be interesting how Netflix will respond to this incursion on their turf.

    For $99 you can’t go wrong. But my $25 PC to TV cable works great and I can watch whatever I want on my HDTV – Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, you name it.

  2. Chris Albrecht

    Hey Dave,

    I got a comment from Roku saying they’re ready to switch on HD when Amazon is (ed. note – obvs).

    When I asked Amazon about HD, they didn’t get back to me in time for this post. Will update the story as I learn more.