Older Men’s Webcam Habits Now Include CNN, And Other Ageist Video Stats


In a set of stories this weekend, Multichannel News looked at some “age old” problems with predicting how age affects online video consumption: Younger viewers watch online video now, but it’s not certain what they’ll do when they get older. And as today’s older viewers incorporate more online video into their habits, networks are realizing the potential to marry multiplatform distribution with new advertising strategies.

A few interesting factoids from the stories:

  • Sounds like older men have diversified their live streaming habits — fewer webcams, more news. The average age of a CNN.com live stream viewer is 47.7, with usage up 300 percent in the last year, and a record 5 million election day streams.
  • Is Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” single-handedly driving up video consumption stats? Comcast found younger viewers watch music videos for unexpectedly long periods of time, because they’re watching it over and over while they teach themselves the dance moves.
  • Web distribution doesn’t just boost audiences for younger-skewing broadcasters like the Cartoon Network. Discovery.com boosted traffic 53 percent to 5.4 million in October using premieres of new series; meanwhile a Showtime exec is quoted saying free content initiatives are silly.

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