Macworld Day 1: Calm Before the Storm

Day 1 of Macworld is nearing an end (although some of the parties may continue well into the night) and activity at the Moscone center in San Francisco is winding down. Last minute additions to the booths were being made all day today and there was a steady stream of exhibitors carrying in various and sundry gear. Apple’s booth was finished early. They actually come in a couple of days ahead so they can put everything up and cover up the banners before anyone else comes into the hall.

Across the way, conference sessions on a wide range of subjects were being conducted for paying attendees. The real focus of course, is on the keynote tomorrow morning, and details on what Phil Schiller will be showing to the assembled throng. In fact, one dedicated fellow has been waiting in line since this morning.

News for Today

  • Steve Jobs says his health is fine and, more importantly, his own business
  • Filemaker Pro 10 was released today. You can read my own reactions to the new version and the most significant UI changes to Filemaker in a decade.
  • Toast 10 was announced by Roxio.
  • Daylite Touch info was released by Marketcircle. Matthew Bookspan wrote a preview of what to expect from Daylite Touch.
  • Elgato‘s updated EyeTV Hybrid w/ FM tuner (North America only)
  • LaCie’s new speed-demon optical drive
  • Intelliscanner Mini offers a smaller (but still expensive) barcode scanner for the Mac
  • Picasa for Mac offers an alternative to iPhoto and MobileMe web galleries.

What’s Coming Tomorrow?

The expo floor opens tomorrow and all the exhibitors will be going full throttle to pitch their wares to everyone walking by. The sessions continue and there’s a couple of supersessions, but the real focus is on Apple’s keynote. You can plan out your day on TheAppleBlog schedule for Macworld.

What’s Apple Up To?

Tom Reestman put together a list of the swirling rumors of what might be announced tomorrow. Most people here are certain of a Mac mini update, but MacBook Pro and Mac Pro details are scarce. New chips suitable for the Mac Pro are being released this quarter, so I’m hoping for an announcement that these chips have been made available to Apple early. Snow Leopard details will be welcome, particularly how the new Exchange features will be integrated into Apple apps.

Actually, the rumor I’m most excited about is that iWork may be moving to the cloud. I probably like this one because the negative reaction has been so strong. Personally, I think that if you think of iWork in the cloud as something like Google Apps for MobileMe, it makes perfect sense. You can create your documents on the desktop, then share them out on MobileMe. Other people could see your shared documents but then edit them online using a web interface. This would make MobileMe tons more useful for business folks that need to share documents with PC users and don’t want to convert to Excel or Word, etc. Plus, it would be another introduction to Apple software for PC users that are thinking about switching to the Mac.

We’ll be covering all the news here, so stay tuned to TheAppleBlog all week.