Line Forms for Macworld Keynote: Let the Waiting Begin


I was walking ’round the Moscone Center this morning after I snagged my media badge and noticed a guy sitting at the entrance to the Moscone Center. I inquired.

Nick Lensander (of The MacTips Podcast) was, and currently still is, the first and only guy in line. He’s been manning his post since 6:30AM, meaning he’ll have sat in that spot for nearly 26 hours by the time they start letting folks in for the keynote.

It’s a fairly nasty morning here in SF with temperatures in the upper 40’s and rain, so he’s got some dedication. His MacBook, iPhone, and camera in hand, he’s set to keep himself occupied for quite sometime. Not sure how he’s keeping all his gear charged, though.

At any rate, if you’re wanting a seat in the keynote, you’ve been warned. The line has already started forming.

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Tom Cadwallader

He ain’t a loser – at least he’s commited to apple and has the guts to answer questions to an interviewer!!!

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