Lenovo S10 Netbook Facial Recognition, Quick Start Functions


lenovo-s10The pre-CES onslaught is about to start, so buckle yourselves in and enjoy the ride! Earlier today Lenovo officially introduced their unique W700ds notebook with secondary display. Not so unique is the Lenovo S10 netbook since it’s been around for months. However, it gets some under-the-hood cosmetic surgery with some additional features:

  • LenovoSocial is a preloaded portal on the S10, which makes it easier to connect to your friends on various social networks. I’d say this is really geared for folks new to the “social”… and no, I don’t mean the Zune.
  • Lenovo Quick Start gets you to frequently used apps faster. What kind of apps? Your browser, media player, photos, instant messaging and Skype. Lenovo’s press release doesn’t get into the details of how this will happen, but stay tuned because I think I know and will share info soon. ;)
  • Lenovo VeriFace technology is new to the S10 and is the same facial recognition system used on the IdeaPad Y devices. We tested that last year at CES and even our ugly mugs were recognized.

Lenovo still starts the S10 netbook at $349 direct, even with the new features. Although the news on the new features is hitting now, Lenovo says that the “new” S10 won’t be available until March. I’ve been using an S10 for the past few days and find it to be nice little device, even the way it is today.



Heh Jan van mourik, yeah the S10 is deceptive. It looks smaller than most other 10-inch netbooks but it’s really not that much smaller and it’s one of the heavier 10-inch netbooks (if you have the 6-cell battery).

jan van mourik

Wonder if the Quick Start can be installed on a current S10?
I played with the S10 a bit at Fry’s, and think it’s a real nice little machine! Very sturdy, that’s what most impressed me, plus it looks smaller than other 10″ netbooks. Pitty about the battery though, the 6cell still goes for $73 (googled it)…


Do you use your S10 with XP Home Edition? Have you used it with other versions of XP? Have you considered other OS with a netbook?


I’m guessing the Quick Start thing is the same or another custom “SplashTop” OS they currently have on their S10e netbook. Which currently could use a little more in the way of customization… (ie.go straight to and open the browser)

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