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Jobs Speaks Out To Quell Health Rumors…Again

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I suppose it’s just the price you pay for having created such a powerful brand, but Steve Jobs has been forced to publicly deal with rumors about his health once again, and this time he’s had to give details about dealings with his doctor. In order to stem the growing tide of speculation about his declining health, the climax of which was likely Gizmodo’s claim last week that he was in fact gravely, if not terminally ill, Jobs released a letter today addressing the issue.

The letter, addressed to the “Apple Community” at large, is extremely candid, and indicates that the true cause of Jobs’ recent weight loss is not a deadly bout with cancer, as many suggested, but the result of a hormonal imbalance. Jobs says he is sharing the information so that all concerned can relax and enjoy Macworld, the keynote of which will be delivered by Phil Schiller tomorrow. The Apple CEO even goes so far as to detail his timeline for recovery, now that a course of treatment has been agreed upon.

Jobs also takes the opportunity to refute claims that he is getting ready to leave his position as CEO of the company, and assure the public that he would leave were his health to interfere with his duties at Apple. He closes with an acknowledgment of his reluctance to speak in the first place, and claims that he won’t do so again. Clearly, the motivation for the lesson came from business pressures, as rumors regarding the CEO’s health were significantly impacting stock values. We’ll see if Jobs’ attempt to clear the air will be enough to put the spotlight firmly back on the keynote address tomorrow where it belongs.

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