Daylite Touch Coming Soon


Focused on the cloud as we are, we haven’t paid much attention to Marketcircle’s Daylite. It’s a desktop PIM/CRM (Mac only) and it’s not cheap ($149).

Now the company is getting ready to introduce Daylite Touch, a companion product that allows for over-the-air sync of calendar, tasks and project information to an iPhone or iPod Touch. Might make it worth a more serious look, especially for those looking for a way to ditch Exchange or MobileMe.

Even though Daylite Touch won’t be released for a few months yet (targeting Q1 2009), The Apple Blog will be getting a look at the new app at next this week’s Macworld Expo.


Judi Sohn

Thanks for the clarification, Jill. Don’t know what I was thinking about Macworld. I’ve updated the post.

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