Daily Apple: yellowsn0w, 28″, iGlove, Broken Record, DRM Deal


yellowsn0w Disrupts The White Stuff – The iPhone is no longer pure as the driven snow. The dev team, true to their word, has delivered the iPhone 3G unlocking tool to the public. Dubbed “yellowsn0w”, it appears to work well enough, based on Stephen Fry’s anectdotal evidence via Twitter, at least.

28″ iMac A Possibility – It might be one of the more out-there rumors surrounding Macworld, but there is some evidence to suggest we might see a 28″ iMac unveiled tomorrow. The bigger all-in-one would begin shipping in February, alongside revamped Mac Pros, if the rumors are correct. I think anyone who needs a 28-incher is overcompensating. So there.

iGlove Patent Could Help You Avoid iPhone-Related Frostbite –  I don’t know about where you are, but here in Toronto, it’s frikkin’ freezing. So yes, Apple, I would like these gloves. Soon, please.

Microsoft Sings That Old Familiar Tune – In a somewhat lame attempt to take some of the wind out of Apple’s sails ahead of tomorrow’s Macworld keynote, Microsoft released a statement to news outlets today that brings up the old spectre of the Apple Tax yet again. Nothing new, but that’s their point. They claim Apple is being negligent in not addressing the supposed “tax.” Here’s our answer, yet again, Redmond.

Less DRM, New Pricing Structure Rumored for iTunes Store – CNET is reporting, based on information gathered from a “source” close to negotiations between Apple and major music labels, that more DRM free tracks will be coming to iTunes. The deal also involves the introduction of an alternate pricing structure for the iTunes store that allows for three levels of pricing.

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