Boingo Wireless Arrives for iPod Touch, iPhone


boingo-iphoneWe knew this was in the works, but it’s official now. iPhone and iPod Touch owners can download the free Boingo Wireless application from the App Store. Like the Gilette business model of razors and blades however, you get the app for free, but the service will cost ya. $7.95 a month earns you the right to use any Boingo Wireless hotspot worldwide on your Apple handset, and there’s over 100,000 hotspots to be had.

I haven’t had my Boingo account active in months, but I’d consider using the service again. It’s more desirable for me with my first-generation iPhone since the EDGE is pokey, but I could see some iPhone 3G owners prefering faster WiFi speeds as well. Besides, the last time I tried to use free WiFi in Starbucks on my iPhone, the activation text message arrived 26 hours later. I’d call that a FAIL in every sense of the word. Any takers or is $8 a month about $7 too much?


Cheap iPod Nano Guy

I think $8 a month is too much UNLESS you used the service on a regular basis. It would be cheaper to use your cell phone! (or iPhone)

Thanks for the update,


Kevin C. Tofel

Yup, the next time I plan a Starbucks run, I’ll install the app. I hadn’t planned to use their WiFi at the time but figured why not since I was there. So I signed in, thinking it would take a few minutes… nope.


26 hours? Might I recommend the iPhone app “Easy Wifi for AT&T”. It enables the connection without the text message activation. I gave it a try this weekend and it worked instantly. Well worth the 99 cent cost for me (though that’s mostly because I don’t text). Only trick is the initial setup, which took me a few tries and, at least in my case, had to be done via wifi. Worked like a snap when I actually used it though.

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