A Touch of Daylite

At Macworld Expo 2009, the folks at Marketcircle, makers of Daylite, are announcing and demonstrating their new iPhone application: Daylite touch. Marketcircle originally announced this tool in the summer of 2008 and many of their users have been anxiously awaiting this new companion product.

What can we expect from this new iPhone application? A bunch of new features, to say the least:

  1. Daylite touch users can simultaneously book meetings, view other users’ calendars, delegate tasks, manage contacts, projects and opportunities and look at their short term history -– all offline.
  2. Daylite touch syncs over the air with 3G, Wi-Fi, or 2G EDGE, allowing Daylite users to coordinate with other mobile colleagues or with workgroups back at the office.
  3. Daylite touch offers a more distinctive set of collaborative productivity features than Microsoft Exchange or Apple MobileMe.

Sounds reasonably impressive. What does it look like? Here is an advanced screenshot.

From this screenshot, we can see a pretty rich Calendaring application. I like the fact that Daylite touch is utilizing the iPhone’s screen real estate to best benefit readability. This screenshot alone makes me salivate at what the rest of the application will look like.

At the Expo, I will be meeting with Martketcircle’s CEO, Alykhan Jetha to receive a full demonstration of the new product. I will follow-up with my impressions of the app after I receive this hands-on demo.

Marketcircle expects that Daylite touch will be available in the first quarter of 2009. They will announce pricing at that time as well. Given the cost of Daylite itself ($149 retail), I expect that Daylite touch will not be inexpensive.

Regardless, the ability to have a full-featured CRM/GTD application on the iPhone or iPod touch is noteworthy, as to-date there are not too many quality choices available.