Details Leak Out About Palm’s New Nova Phone Launching At CES


Palm is expected to unveil its first device, running its new operating system, this Thursday at the big Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and of course, there’s some minor details leaking out early. They are pretty vague, and who knows if they are spot on, but TechCrunch is quoting “a trusted source” as saying the first phone will have a full Qwerty keyboard that will slide down under a touchscreen. The new operating system is described as



cant wait to see this will turn palm around very quickly

Matt Boon

Linux will be the key and will turn heads in the first wave. If in this first wave Linux apps start connecting the PDA to various applications on servers they will get traction. Then, if there's a coolness factor which is possible since the chief Engineer is from Apple, watch out. I believe the Blackberry Storm will fail leaving room for Palm to compete against Samsung.

Jamie Poitra

I used Palm Pilots for 5 years before buying my Treo which lasted for 2 before starting to crash repeatedly.

I've been a fan of their stuff for a long time and find it sad that such a great company has made so many blunders as of late.

The more competition for Apple, Google, and Microsoft the better for all of us. I hope they introduce something better than good. They need to hit a home run after their string of failure mixed with minor successes.


Sure, lets see the tech capabilities of Nova and their SDK and their "open sourceness". I would write for it too, if the platform is open enough. After all, is Linux on the core, right?

I have used Palms for 10 years (but i´m not a "fanboy"), and those machines have always been excelent tools. Very responsive (better that WM), just enough software to do what i need to do (Remote Control, Office documents, PIM, book reading, note taking with Graffiti).

I just hated programming for it. Lets hope that this time is different!

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