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Obama Calls for Doubling Renewable Energy Production for Green Jobs

In President-Elect Barack Obama’s weekly radio addresses today — the first of 2009 — he called for the U.S. to double renewable energy production as part of a plan to add 3 million new jobs. In the address Obama also restated his earlier promise to add new jobs by making public buildings more energy efficient.

Obama’s goal of 3 million new jobs is slightly higher than his previous pledges in which he called for creating at least 2.5 million new jobs. And while Obama committed to supporting clean power in his campaign with $150 billion over 10 years, the commitment to double clean power as part of his initial recovery and reinvestment plan is a bold move, given clean power generation tends to be less capital-efficient compared to energy efficiency programs.

Yet Obama didn’t specify many of the details in his clean power plan, or indicate what sectors he would focus on. As of 2007 the U.S. only got 7 percent of its power from renewable energy, according to the Energy Information Administration, which included hydroelectric power, but excluded nuclear power; nuclear power made up another 8 percent of power as of 2007. We’re not sure if the Obama administration is including nuclear and hydro in his renewable energy definition, and if the pledge to double renewable energy production will focus more on electricity generation. Regardless the speech will largely be applauded by the cleantech industry.

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  2. Despite the hesitations many business leaders had about what Obama might do once taking office, I think he’s taken the right steps and made some great cabinet choices that leave myself and many others in great confidence of his direction. Especially, when looking towards supporting the green energy industry and creating green-collar jobs, Obama is definitely on the right track.

    Kevin G. Davis
    Managing Director | Emerald Endeavors
    For the latest in Green Energy & Clean Technology News, visit

  3. Katie Fehrenbacher:
    A handful of additional stewards are also ready, with their pushed to the limit Laws of Physics and Thermodynamics “Super Hybrid” invented technology.
    Somehow, these stewards will find some capital to develop their pilot projects (nothing more than just few million dollars) and you can witness the “Science Hybrid Revolution” (SHR), represented by commercialized, utility scale electric power generating facilities, which are integrating and in synergy solar-thermal SCP with storage, recovered (free) energy and just a small fraction of reciprocating generator’s components, that are less costly than these utilizing coal, fossil fuel and uranium for its power generation. (Claiming that can produce electric power at less than 6 cents per kilowatt hour). The dream of the US Department of Energy can be realized, if Dr. Chu, appointed Secretary of DOE, let us do it.
    Indubitably, the fall of the “Rusted Industrial Revolution”, is no different than the fall of the Roman Empire, as well as the imminent fall of the Detroit’s gas-outs, et al rusted conglomerate’s industrialists.
    We have already replaced the termed Alternative, Renewable and/or Green energy, with the Science Hybrid Revolution energy, liked or not.
    We are not going to be trashed-out by the conservative (to right) folks, regardless of their monumental efforts to keep the old status quo.
    Nick Panchev (Direct 909.263.2868)
    ESE Power Corporation, et al

  4. Obama’s Energy and Environment Team need to consider different ideas. Reducing carbon emissions to 1990 levels may not be the answer; we were still polluting ourselves to death then. Now we have more nations doing the same thing.

    Things of nature emit carbon dioxide. NOVA had a program that showed that if the sun were a little brighter, it would cause more carbon dioxide and you would literally be able to watch things grow. The word of God says there will be a time when the sun and moon will be seven times brighter. Before that time, the wind will be stopped and the sun will only shine a third part of the day. That does not fair well for wind and solar technology. In Missouri I am already noticing not as many full sun days even in the summer.

    If the NOVA program is correct, cutting the carbon dioxide without replacing it somewhere could cause a detriment to growing trees and plants leading to a loss of vegetation. Could that have happened to other planets? (“There is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes, the words of Solomon)

    The main problem could be that the intense heat caused by our concentrated heating in cities and factories etc does not have time to cool enough to be harmless to the atmosphere. Now we are heating our homes when we do not need to, multiply that by hundreds of thousands and you have a major concentration of heat going into the atmosphere. I am not a scientist; but I know God does not create things that are bad for us. Barack Obama’s energy and environment team need to take another look at the data with these ideas in mind before they put massive amounts of borrowed money into them.

  5. Evidence shows the massive spending programs of the 1929 recession created a longer crisis, not a shorter one. History is supposed to teach us lessons. It was massive spending projects and science and technology promoted to solve past recession that have led to the expensive, dangerous and stressful lifestyle we now have. It has caused world problems of pollution, global warming, energy crisis, reoccurring financial crises, war, immigration, disease and the high cost of health care (soon to add health insurance costs for millions that cannot afford it), poverty, inequality, crime, child and elder care needs, and social security inadequacies, etc. To get into massive debt and do the same thing only destroys us all the faster. It takes more polluting energy to create all the expensive energy efficient items to try to save us. Most could not afford the new technology. We would also be encouraging other nations to do the same. Only destruction lies in this direction.

    The goal in life is not employment; it is retirement in a garden paradise we can create inexpensively, fairly and easily. That will solve the world problems at the same time. It is how God promises to “heal the land” when we follow His simple plan for an abundant life with no sorrow added. The way is prepared before us, even with an outstanding financial system that cannot fall or fail. We only need to believe.

  6. @MPGomatic – I am willing to bet that “doubling production of renewables” doesn’t refer to biodiesel at all, and directed more toward electricity for reasons I describe on my blog (click my name)

  7. Doubling it is only a start. We need to radically ramp up domestic biodiesel production to drive down the cost of diesel overall and restore sanity to produce prices. Algae fuel must be fast-tracked.

  8. I think the speech will be applauded by certain parts of the cleantech industry – those related to renewable energy production. But other large sectors of cleantech are also hoping to fit in with the administrations plans. If the focus of the administration is on green investments that also create large numbers of jobs ASAP, I think you will see a tendency toward large projects like he is describing, and away from subsidies for R&D to solve the longer term problems of global warming.

  9. I am hopeful that there will be 3 million plus job opportunities that will be created. I believe that President elect Obama’s energy plan as it pertains to renewable energy and the creation of jobs is a good one. I wish him and his administration the very best in this all so important and very key issue.

    I do hope that Politics as usual does not get in the way (as it so often does) of driving America forward and empowering American Ingenuity.