Use a G1 Handset as a Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

If you really (and I mean REALLY) like that hardware keyboard on your G1 handset, you can now use it as a wireless entry system on a computer. RemoteDroid is a bit of software that allows just that, plus you can use the G1’s touchscreen for mousing around as well. The free application works with Windows, Mac and Linux computers and sends the input over WiFi. There’s some minimal setup involved on the smartphone side, since RemoteDroid will require your computer’s IP address for communications. Catch all of the wireless remote action in the video demo.

Considering your traditional computer probably offers a decent trackpad and keyboard, the usefulness is pretty limited in a case like that. With a slate-style Tablet PC or UMPC however, RemoteDroid could be a nice addition to your Android handset.


(via Engadget)


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