For YouTube, a Very Jolly Christmas

Santa has been really nice to social networking websites this holiday season. Whether it was more broadband connections or simply bad weather, many popular web services saw a nice bump in their traffic this holiday season. In US, YouTube accounted for about 1.35% of total US traffic on December 24, though the traffic skidded there after to 1.16% on December 31. Nevertheless, on the new year’s eve, the traffic was up 33% from 2007.

YouTube in particular did well in the United Kingdom, according to Hitwise, a research firm that tracks traffic flows to various websites.

Video site YouTube received more UK Internet traffic than Microsoft Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) for the first time during Christmas week 2008. For the week ending 27/12/08, YouTube accounted for 2.13% of all UK Internet visits compared to 2.11% for Live Mail. During the same week, YouTube was the third most visited website in the UK behind Google UK and Facebook, while Live Mail ranked fourth.

Hitwise also sent us Hulu’s performance for December 2008. The site is up 18,000% compared to last December. Hulu officially launched in March 2008 and has grown in popularity, though it lags YouTube quite considerably.