Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009


Well, it’s 2009. The last year people can wear those ridiculous “200X” glasses. How unfortunate.

2008 turned out to be the biggest year in TAB’s four year history. The main event being that we joined the GigaOm family. It was an outcome I had in no way planned or pursued but it turned out to be exactly what we needed to step things up.

2009, I’m certain, has a few tricks up its sleeve and I’m excited about where TAB is heading.

Thanks so much for being a part of this. We hope your 2009 is full of new year’s resolutions that you actually follow through with. But even if you don’t, we’ll still be your friend.




Thanks for your great informative and as always interesting posts. I was TAB fan since 6 months ago and I really enjoyed reading this blog. Keep up this good work in 2009 too…


Though I became a switcher with the advent of the Mini – after 20+ years in the MSoft and predecessor environments – I admit my life as Om fan is what led me to bump into TAB.

And Earth2Tech for that matter.

Feeling pretty smug and happy about both. Have a happy Hogmany.

Om Malik


I for one have been a fan of TAB for so long that to make you part of the GigaOM family was the highlight of my year.

Cheers and keep up the good work.


This is why we like theappleblog. Personalised and interesting. Keep up the good work guys. Thank you for a year of excellent reading material, news and advice


2008 was the first year I read this blog, and I’ve enjoyed it. Thanks for all your hard work! Keep it up!

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