New Media Resolutions #6: Anthony Rose, Controller, Vision & Online, BBC

Over Christmas and New Year, paidContent:UK is asking digital media execs to pledge a resolution for the year ahead and look back at the last 12 months. Last time was 7Digital CEO Ben Drury; next up is Anthony Rose, the former KaZaA technologist who is driving iPlayer developments at the BBC…

imageWhat’s your New Year’s resolution?: “Provide an ‘adaptive bitrate’ solution in BBC iPlayer so that no matter whether you have a 300Kbps 3G connection or a 50Mbps connection, BBC iPlayer will serve you the best quality video that your personal internet connection can sustain at that instant, including full HD streaming if possible. The video should never stutter or stop, and should smoothly adapt to changing bandwidth conditions. When we and others get this right, then IP-delivered TV will take a leap in quality, reliability and widespread uptake.”

Biggest regret of 2008?: “We’d liked to have been able to introduce social viewing and syndication options to iPlayer in 2008, but alas there just weren’t enough hours in the day and we now look forward to introducing these features in early 2009.”

What will really happen next year?: