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Leap Year Glitch Sends 30GB Zunes To Time Out

Microsoft’s Zune, which earned kudos in 2008 for its software upgrade, sleek new look and wireless features, ended the year on an odd down note when a glitch stopped all of its 30 GB units cold. Reports of dead units started overnight; it took Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) the better part of a day to figure out that an internal clock driver used only for the 30 GB model failed to compensate for 2008 2009 being a leap year. The company now says the issue should be resolved on Jan. 1, 2009, and urges users to let their battery run down, then recharge the device and turn it on. An estimated 1 million units are affected, according to the LAT.

Jan. 1 Update: As it happens, my 30 GB Zune was off when the problems started and I left it that way until this afternoon. It booted right up when I turned it on and I was able to get to the Zune marketplace via wireless.

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