Where to Get Your Daily Show Fix and More Online

With Time Warner Cable poised to take Viacom channels off the air in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and several other cities Jan. 1 due to a dispute over raising fees, that’s an awful lot of people who will be missing The Daily Show, Best Week Ever, Degrassi and The City.

Time Warner, which also happens to be in the broadband business (convenient!), says it will be telling consumers where to find those programs online and how to hook them up to their TVs. And just that simple act would be a HUGE step forward for online video.

But seeing as Jan. 1 is tomorrow, if you’re a true TV junkie, you may want the assurance of having that list right now. Beyond all the different complications of online distribution deals, one problem with finding Viacom shows is they have a strategy of giving them each their own site, so hopefully we can give you a full-episode kickstart here.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: its own site, Hulu, Fancast

The Colbert Report: its own site, Hulu, Fancast

South Park: its own site, Fancast

The City: MTV.com, Veoh

Bromance: MTV.com

Real World: Brooklyn: MTV.com (just a trailer at the moment)

<a href="http://www.joost.com/078d5ev/t/Super-Sweet-16-Moulin-Rouge-Party">Super Sweet 16: Moulin Rouge Party</a>

My Super Sweet 16: MTV.com, Joost, Veoh

Celebrity Rehab
: Joost, Veoh, Fancast
BWE Full Episode: 02/15/08- Part 1

Best Week Ever: its own site, VH1.com

Spongebob Squarepants: Nick.com

Naked Brothers Band: Nick.com

Degrassi: The-N.com

Let us know what shows we’ve missed and we’ll add them to the list.


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