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Brits Develop Carbon-Eating Cement: A new kind of cement based on magnesium silicates requires much less heating than the conventional stuff (which accounts for 5 percent of global carbon emissions) and absorbs large amounts of CO2 as it hardens. — The Guardian

Gimme a $2-a-Gallon Gas Tax, Says…Texas Oil Man?!: “There’s a reason that everybody in Europe drives roller skates and here we drive SUVs. It’s because Europe has a huge tax on gasoline.” — Fortune

Record Insurance Payouts, Courtesy of Climate Change: Adjusted for inflation, 2008 was the third most expensive year on record for the German reinsurer Munich Re. The company is now calling for an international plan to halve emissions by 2050. — NYT’s Green Inc.

2009 Forecast: Hot Hot Hot: UK climate scientists expect the 2009 to be among the five warmest years on record, indicating a rapid return of global temperature to a long-term warming trend and an increasing probability of record temperatures after 2009. — Green Car Congress

Climate Change Off Hook for Neanderthals’ Doom: Recent analysis of late-Pleistocene hominid habitation delivers a solid blow to the popular hypothesis that climate change did them in. Now it looks like they just couldn’t compete with modern humans. — Wired Science