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Video Sites Lead Facebook Connect Implementation

Facebook’s authentication system for external sites, Facebook Connect, has only been out for a few weeks, but so far, video sites are contributing the greatest numbers of active users, according to AllFacebook.

facebookconnectstats1229The leading site by far is Joost, with 13,121 users logging in via Facebook Connect, followed by Vimeo, with 5,961 Facebook Connect users. How-to video site Howcast also makes the list, in 17th place with 1,377 users.

To be sure, these are miniscule numbers. Facebook itself, which has more than 140 million active users, is waiting on larger sites to implement Connect, which along with authentication allows users to bring along their friends and privacy settings. Since Hulu, (s CBS), and the Disney-ABC Television Group (s DIS) are previously announced Connect partners, the coming sites will also mean greater numbers of video watchers. But it seems unlikely that the biggest video site, YouTube, will implement Facebook Connect anytime soon as Google (s GOOG) has a competing product, Google Friend Connect.

3 Responses to “Video Sites Lead Facebook Connect Implementation”

  1. Michael Leung

    I’ve never liked Facebook Connect. On one of my favorite tech blogs, Gizmodo, they have Facebook Connect on it, but people there get past the approval list that all registered users have to go through. The result? People saying “FIRST!” and generally being annoying.