SlingPlayer for Blackberry available now


sling-on-blackberry1We gave you a heads up that the SlingPlayer Mobile would be available for a number of Blackberry models on December 30 and that’s today.  Consider yourself reminded that you can now download the player direct to your Pearl 8120, Pearl Flip 8220, Curve 8320, 8820, Curve 8900, and Bold 9000.  Unofficially the EDGE-only 8100, 8110, 8300, 8310, 8800, and 8810 will also work.  All models must have firmware revision 4.5 or later to install SlingPlayer Mobile.

Point your Blackberry to and get it going today.


Ron P.

Do not let the your EDGE based Blackberries scare you away, I am using on my Pearl 8100 on T-Mobile and am quite happy with the outcome. I would rather have it on the EDGE 8100 then not. Would I pay for it? Yes, if i didnt already have a license. Try it out folks, was worth the wait (would have liked less wait though!)

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