Plan Your Macworld 2009 Schedule


At this past year’s SXSW one of the most popular “tools” used by attendees was a web app called SCHED. It was immensely helpful in figuring out what events were offered, who was going, and if you wanted to go.

I’m excited to announce that this is now available for Macworld 2009 courtesy of TheAppleBlog.

If you’ll be attending Macworld next week, this web app is the perfect way to figure out your schedule for the week. Best of all, it’s free. Nothing to pay for, no ads, nothing. Just pure, schedule goodness.

Some nifty features worth noting:

  • Create custom schedules – Create an account and create your own personalized schedule that you can hook directly in to iCal.
  • Search – There are hundreds of events. Using the search feature you can narrow that down significantly
  • Most popular – Find out what events are most popular
  • Group calendars – Create group calendars on the fly like so:,gtmcknight,chirag
  • Mobile Safari Version – Just go to on your iPhone/iPod touch and get an optimized version.

Hopefully we can pull together a TAB meetup…which of course will be on our SCHED. :)

Go check it out:



Since 9-11 I’ve only made trips for the exhibit floor discounts.

Better save money for food until another job comes.

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