Easy Dual Boot Setup with Windows 7 and Vista


Next month, when the expected Windows 7 public beta arrives, you won’t necessarily have to wipe your device operating system to give it a go. Why not set up your computer to dual boot? The Technicist offers up a simple and handy step-by-step process that uses a USB drive for the install and the free GParted tool to assist.

Obviously, there’s any number of approaches you could take for the same result, but for folks new to setting up a dual-boot environment, this one is pretty easy. This setup applies to Windows 7 and Vista on an HP Mini 1000, but can essentially be used on various PCs with different operating systems. I just flew in from Phoenix and boy are my arms tired! so I haven’t had a chance to run through it yet. I still have a DVD of the early, Windows 7 test build so I may give this a go on the MSI Wind to see how long it takes.

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