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UK Wind Farms Tangled in Red Tape: Britain has 262 wind projects representing seven gigawatts stuck in planning stages, and the rate of approvals is only getting slower. — The Guardian

Electric Bikes Grow Up: “Even though motorcycles and scooters may represent a smaller percentage of the pie when it comes to emissions inventory, it doesn’t mean their makers shouldn’t have proper incentive to be using new, greener technologies.” — Wired’s Autopia

San Franciscans Resist Congestion-Pricing Plan: Public opposition to fees for driving into San Francisco raises the question of whether environmental initiatives are too important to be left to voters. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Ford Fusion Scores Better Fuel Economy: Tricked out with Toyota technology, the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid has been certified at 41 mpg for city driving, compared with only 33 mpg for Toyota’s Camry. — BusinessWeek

Power from the People: The 2009 sign at tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square will run (for 15 minutes) on electricity generated by tourists pedaling on stationary bikes. — NYT’s Bits Blog

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