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UK Wind Farms Tangled in Red Tape: Britain has 262 wind projects representing seven gigawatts stuck in planning stages, and the rate of approvals is only getting slower. — The Guardian

Electric Bikes Grow Up: “Even though motorcycles and scooters may represent a smaller percentage of the pie when it comes to emissions inventory, it doesn’t mean their makers shouldn’t have proper incentive to be using new, greener technologies.” — Wired’s Autopia

San Franciscans Resist Congestion-Pricing Plan: Public opposition to fees for driving into San Francisco raises the question of whether environmental initiatives are too important to be left to voters. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Ford Fusion Scores Better Fuel Economy: Tricked out with Toyota (s TM) technology, the 2010 Ford (s F) Fusion Hybrid has been certified at 41 mpg for city driving, compared with only 33 mpg for Toyota’s Camry. — BusinessWeek

Power from the People: The 2009 sign at tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square will run (for 15 minutes) on electricity generated by tourists pedaling on stationary bikes. — NYT’s Bits Blog

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