What geek toys did you get this season?


The holidays are in full swing which means geek toys are the gift of the day.  This year we took it easy on the present front but I got a couple of things that are cool.  The first is not really a geek toy except that it fits my mobile work style:


What sets this travel mug apart from most is while it looks like those paper mugs you get in the SBUX-type establishment this mug is in fact porcelain.  It keeps the coffee warm in style and the lid is silicon.  Very cool.

The real geek toy I got as a gift was no doubt due to the massive pile of cables in my office.  These colored cable wraps are just the ticket for keeping track of what cable powers what gadget.  Very nice stuff.


So what geek toys did you get this year?  Share with us please.


Dave B

I got a Netgear ReadyNAS Pro(3TB but I upgraded to 6TB) and a Honeywell Weatherstation. The SO got an HP MiniNote 1000 that she loves.


Wow, I got the exact same cable wraps from my brother in law! I’ve used a couple on the extra cable length for the 1T external drive I bought myself.


Demetri: How do you like the Livescribe Pulse?

I got all cash for Christmas this year, so it was up to me to get my gadgets. I picked up a Samsung NC10 netbook and a Sony T700 camera. I also picked up a non tech gift, I bought myself a guitar as it’s something I have always wanted to learn.

Next on the list is a Unibody Macbook, just need to sell my Asus G50VT-X2 first.

Joel McLaughlin

I got a T-Mobile G1 from Judie Lipsett…..and I LOVE IT! It’s pretty near the perfect phone for a Linux guy like me.


1.Livescribe Pulse smartpen -2gb model
2. Nikon D90 digital SLR (sharing it with my wife)
3. (pre-Christmas gift to ourselves) Samsung 42″ 1080p 120Hz HD LCD television

Lots of high tech in our house this year!


This year I bought myself a 128GB SSD drive. My dad bought me a 120GB Zune, and my mom bought a dock for it.

Other than that, I played it low key on the gadget front this year.

Pam T.

HP Officeject 6480 All-in-One printer (automatic duplex – yeah!). Now only if it would allow me to reboot the computer without having to unplug in and/or accept the WEP key so we can go wireless.

And a dual monitor video card.

I love geek toys.


I got a new HP 24″ monitor and two WD VelociRaptor 10krpm hard drives. I also spent time organizing all the cables under my desk. There are ~40 cables bundled into sub-groups (data, a/v, power) and held to the bottom of my desk using adhesive tie-wrap mounts. Very inexpensive solution that works really well.


A digital picture frame. Sigh, now I have to investigate what virus this particular manufacturer chose to include.


I got a semi-geek (but all round usable) gift in the form of a Leatherman Squirt P4 – keychain sized but with a real pair of usable pliers and all manner of screwdrivers. Perfect for any small jobs you don’t need big tools for.

Patrick Moorhead

“Patrick, what do you think of that Kodak vid-cam? Kevin just ordered one.”

* simple, like the Flip
* quality similar to the Aiptek HD; good outdoors and in bright light
* rechargable batteries, but not via USB
* large view-finder
* also takes stills
* came with full bevvy of cables
* “close” and “far” focal switch

* rejected two of my SD cards (32Gigs)and no “supported” list on web site
* makes clicking sound as I focus in/out. Jerky also, like the Aiptek.
* grainy indoors at night

What I would expect for around $150+storage.

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