The Crunchies: Support Your Video Brethren


Our parental units at GigaOM help put on The Crunchies, a live awards show for tech startups and products. This year the powers that be decided there will be no “best video startup” (last year Hulu won), but online video is still well-represented in the finalists named to the remaining categories.

So if you’re feeling a bit of video team spirit, or you honestly think they’re the most deserving pick, head on over and vote for 12seconds for “best boot-strapped startup,” the FlipMinoHD or the SlingCatcher for “best new gadget/device,” Animoto (or maybe even Cooliris, cause they do video browsing) for “best design,” Qik for “best mobile startup,” Jason Kilar (Hulu) for “best startup CEO” and Hulu for “best overall.”

The live awards show will be held in San Francisco (and streamed live elsewhere) on Jan. 9. Tickets are being sold here.

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