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Intel and Yahoo (Still) Revving up TV Widgets

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Let the CES news parade commence! We still have a week till the Las Vegas gadgetcon, but companies are already hyping what they’re bringing to the show. CNET has a nice read today on Intel (s INTC) and Yahoo’s (s YHOO) Widget Channel, which overlays simple forms of interactivity (e.g. current weather, other TV shows and movies an actor has appeared in, and sports stats) on top of television broadcasts.

We covered the Widget Channel’s initial announcement in August as well as its predecessor product from Yahoo a full two years ago. So is this actually going to launch at CES? Well, no. The Widget Channel will just be in “more finished form.” But! Partners such as Samsung and Toshiba have signed on to offer it.

Intel and Yahoo have refined the product through testing as well as review of TV-watching habits by Intel’s resident anthropologist. They aim to make it simple, basic, and light-weight, rather than robust and prominent. Do you want widgets on your TV? was our question last August, and pretty much all readers answered yes except for those who hoped providers like Comcast, AT&T and Yahoo would focus on more pressing concerns. Well, from the sounds of it this Widget Channel is interactivity at its most basic — a.k.a. not something anyone will get particularly passionate about.

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