Good Old Games for your netbook


freespace-2Let’s face it, we may love our mobile gear but most of it is not very game friendly.   Those netboots we are all enamored with are good for a lot of things but playing current games isn’t one of them.  They don’t have the muscle under the hood to pump out new games.

One of the ways we’ve remedied that over the years is by picking up really old games for anemic hardware.  Sure the graphics might be dated and these old games don’t compare to new ones but hey, they play on pretty much any hardware.  The problem has always been finding the old classics.

Good Old Games is a relatively new site that aims to address that issue.  They have many of the old classic games you grew up playing and they have them available at cheap prices and without DRM.  Yes, that is DRM-free.  You’ll find classics like the Fallout series, Jagged Alliance and too many to list here.  Most games cost only a few dollars and the GOG team has brought them up to date with the latest version of each game.  They’ve also made sure they work on XP and Vista so your netbook is good to go.  They have some great old games for free too so check them out.


Old Games

Yes clearly the netbooks are a good solution for the old games. But the path that i snecessary to follow is the reloaded games. Basically they should make new games based on the old games. Better graphics , sound but with the same gameplay (or better) same depth or story-level.


I second the Fallout games and Gothic! You have good taste Michael Anderson.

Steam also has a nice adventure game selection with stuff like Sam & Max that doesn’t require a lot of power. Their casual section is also good.


While I appreciate the service, some of the games they are selling are already classified as either abandonware or freeware. An example is Freespace 2, with an open source project going strong for quite a while, developing new missions, levels, graphics, support and a plethora of other add-ons. While many of the games are actually still actively restricted (Oddworld series for example) the Descent series as well as the Freespace spinoff and the MDK series have been abandonware for quite some time now, with plenty of open-source communities continuing active development.


If you look at all the comments on their site for products, they are all fake. Also, if someone was disappointed, why is their review showing 4 out of 5 stars? WTF

Might have a great product, but that’s bad business hyping up your kool-aid. They are so fake some are hilarious.

Dave Beauvais

Wow, FreeSpace 2… I just saw that on a shelf when I was home for Christmas and thought back on how much fun that game was. (And how brutal it was to the video card I had back then!) Now that I think about it, I never did finish the game because flying through the nebulae effects dropped my frame rate to unplayable levels and I kept getting killed so often that I got ticked off. I should see if it’ll run under Vista x64 and try it on my DirectX 10.1 card. ;-) I miss the days of Descent 2, Wing Commander and Freespace; you just don’t see games like those these days.


I have bought four Games from GoG so far, awesome service.

Operation Flashpoint works quite well rather surpisingly.

Support them, they deserve it.

Michael Anderson

Good Old Games is a great site – I have re-bought games I already own so that I can run stuff like (the *real*) Fallout games, Gothic, Lionheart and more on my Lenovo s10 without resorting to some tactic to avoid the CD-check.


funny how this weekend i’ve been digging through my old pc game archives since i was poised with this same question with my msi wind and vista. :)

so far i’m pretty happy w/some good ole windows95 X-Wing !! we need a new version of this game now!

Cody B

I recommend StarCraft, Doom 2, and a trusty NES emulator. All work great on netbook and you can pick them all up for next to nothing if not free.

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