Good Old Games for your netbook

freespace-2Let’s face it, we may love our mobile gear but most of it is not very game friendly.   Those netboots we are all enamored with are good for a lot of things but playing current games isn’t one of them.  They don’t have the muscle under the hood to pump out new games.

One of the ways we’ve remedied that over the years is by picking up really old games for anemic hardware.  Sure the graphics might be dated and these old games don’t compare to new ones but hey, they play on pretty much any hardware.  The problem has always been finding the old classics.

Good Old Games is a relatively new site that aims to address that issue.  They have many of the old classic games you grew up playing and they have them available at cheap prices and without DRM.  Yes, that is DRM-free.  You’ll find classics like the Fallout series, Jagged Alliance and too many to list here.  Most games cost only a few dollars and the GOG team has brought them up to date with the latest version of each game.  They’ve also made sure they work on XP and Vista so your netbook is good to go.  They have some great old games for free too so check them out.


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