Daily Apple: Thumbs, Cart Before Horse, Jobs Props, More Space, Cheaper, Served Up


We Invented The Thumbnail – Apple, along with Google and Microsoft, are facing another patent holder in yet another legal battle. This time, a Michigan-based company is claiming to have a patent pending on image previews for files and programs, aka thumbnails, which are used in Apple’s Finder and Cover Flow technologies.

Real (Fake) iPhone Nanos! – Rumor has it Apple will be introducing a new, smaller, cheaper version of the iPhone, which has already been dubbed the iPhone Nano by many. It remains to be seen whether or not the leaked cases and dubious looking photos will prove accurate, but there’s already a copycat out there. Pick yours up now in Thailand.

Jobs One of Best Head Honchos, Say Employees – That’s according to a survey by Glassdoor, asking employees to anonymously rate their top bosses. Nearly 300 people filled out the survey, and Jobs placed second, with a very favourable 90 percent. Maybe its his approachable taste in attire?

32GB iPhone at Macworld? – Add another rumor to the growing list surrounding Macworld. This one claims that the upper limit of iPhone storage will finally follow its iPod touch cousin, and double in size to 32GB. Not, by any means, a far-fetched possibility, but also not yet backed up by any reliable sources.

$99 iPhone, Courtesy AT&T – No, it didn’t arrive at Wal-Mart, who just started selling the iPhone at a $2 discount, but AT&T is selling the 8GB model, refurbished, for $99 dollars from now until the end of December. Of course, that’s still with a contract, so don’t go totally crazy.

Apple Home Server at Macworld? – Another Macworld rumor, this time regarding a possible home server-type upgrade for the Time Machine lineup. Check the details in-depth via the link over at 9to5mac.

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