Conchords Scores a Quarter Million Views


The season two opener of the HBO comedy series Flight of the Conchords has been watched more than 250,000 times on comedy site Funny or Die (which HBO has a stake in). The Hollywood Reporter goes on to compare this stat with the 950,000 viewers the show’s season one finale received as well as the 100,000 views the first season premiere received on MySpace last year, but those are pretty bad benchmarks.

First off is the views/viewers problem that crops up when trying to compare old and newteevee. Since HBO is a subscription service, that means almost a million paid viewers to watch the finale. Funny or Die, which is free, took two weeks to reach 250,000 views — we don’t know how many individual people actually watched.

Also it’s not fair to compare the season two premiere view count with the first season’s. Conchords is a much better known show now than it was a year ago. Critics and hipsters alike love it creating a built-in audience for this second-time around.

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