Netbook Trademark Kerfuffle is All About The Money

Last week, jkOnTheRun broke the news that Psion Teklogix, owner of the “Netbook” trademark, was sending cease-and-desist (C&D) letters to some blogs and smaller web sites. The news stirred up enough controversy that Psion’s law firm, Origin, sent a response to jkOnTheRun to clarify a few points. For instance they said that they are only going after entities that are “making a direct, financial profit from use of the ‘Netbook’ trademark.” 

They clarified that 95 percent of the C&D letters were sent to “retailers and manufacturers using the ‘Netbook’ trademark (including the very largest players in this space.” No letters have been sent to blogs, tech enthusiast sites or review sites. The rest of the C&D notices have gone to people who have “sponsored advertising or other for-profit links.” In cases of people using contextual advertising (read: Google ads), Psion is going after retailers and manufacturers and not bloggers. In other words, the whole drama is to make some shekels. Nothing wrong with that, though if Psion really wants to have an impact (i.e. make a lot of money), then it should go after the big kahuna, Intel Corp. (s INTC), which has been liberal with the term netbooks.