eReader and Random House giving 9 ebooks away


We are big fans of eReader here and have used eReader for years on both Windows Mobile devices and the iPhone.  The folks at eReader just informed us that they have a special deal with Random House and are offering 9 ebooks for free.  We’re all about ebooks and free ebooks are the ultimate holiday gift for us.  These free ebooks are not the standard public domain stuff you might expect, these are Random House books that cover everything from humor to historical fiction.


Authors include Alan Furst, Julie Garwood, Charlie Huston, David Liss, Laurie Notaro, Arthur Phillips and Simon Rich. We’ve included some seasoned titles like Liss’ “The Whiskey Rebels”, Notaro’s “The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death”, along with some recently-published titles like Rich’s “Free-Range Chickens”. The e-books include the full text and are not abridged.


Peter Norman


The eReader servers have been throwing errors at me all weekend. However, in the midst of those errors I managed to ‘purchase’ the 9 free books – plus a couple of others.

Immediately after that purchase I was unable to download them to my desktop but I was able to download them to my iPhone; a few hours later I was able to download them to my desktop.

The problems must have been temporarily resolved or maybe there are a lot of people making purchases and overloading their servers?

Based on my experience, I’m guessing that if you keep trying you will eventually succeed!

rock on!


I just got all nine off Amazon for my Kindle with zero issues and zero cables. Several of them looked like worth the time to read so I grabbed the whole lot of them just in case there’s another diamond in the noise.

Thanks for the tip James, Amazon had done zip to promote this give away.


i get an error at checkout when i try to checkout with any of the free books. shame.


For some people free books is like free candy. For others it’s like free clutter or noise.

Thanks for the link, James!

Nate the great

These are the same 9 titles that are (or at least, were) being given away for the Kindle, Sony Reader, and probably most other formats.

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