SlingPlayer Mobile Gains Support on a Gaggle of Phones


slingplayer_mobile_wm6My son and I are sitting in Philadelphia International Airport waiting for a flight and I was just catching up on the news. Not the news they’re showing at the gate, I’m using my SlingBox to watch the Today show on channel 10, which is the local NBC affiliate. It works great over EV-DO on my MacBook, although in a few minutes, Tyler wants to try it on “his” gear. He’s eleven, so the MSI Wind is perfect for his travels and although he doesn’t know it, he’s actually working too; I’m letting him test the AT&T USB Quicksilver 3G adapter during the weekend in Phoneix ;)

So what if you have a Slingbox but want to catch television on a handheld? Good news for you if you own one of the many phones listed below. SlingMedia pinged us and say they’ve added fifteen current phones to the mix so you can grab the SlingPlayer Mobile client for these devices right now:

Sprint Treo 800w
Sony Ericsson X1
Palm Treo Pro
Sprint HTC Touch Diamond
Sprint HTC Touch Pro
Verizon HTC Touch Pro
Verizon Samsung Saga
Verizon Samsung Omnia
AT&T LG Incite
AT&T Samsung Epix
HP iPAQ 910
AT&T Pantech Duo
Sprint Samsung ACE
Verizon XV6900

Some of these phones might have worked with the SlingPlayer client in the past, but they’re now officially supported. The newest client supports resolutions of  800×480, 640×480, 400×240, and 320×320. I wonder how good the client looks on some of the higher res devices like the HTC Touch Pro & Touch Diamond?



Nothing changed! still 320×240 (max)!

The box I used is the lowest model.
Do I have to buy a HD slingbox to play 640×800 at my HTC HD????


I’ve been using it on my Verizon Touch Pro for a month. Absolutely no difference in performance or quality from when I was using it on my xv6700.

I don’t know how people are getting these higher resolutions to show up. I have the latest build, and the highest resolution I can see is 320X240.

Andrew Beery

I’m using the new SlingPlayer on my HTC Touch HD at 800×480 on AT&T’s Edge network here in the USA [read: no 3G :( ] and I’m blown away how wonderful it does in video quality… they have really done their homework in optimizing for the higher resolution displays

Dave Zatz

Even though video is displayed on those higher resolution devices, the Slingbox still only sends a max of 320×240 to the mobile client – meaning video will be scaled.


Maybe a reason to get the Omnia..hmmm. But what’s this about a BB beta? And can the Storm be far behind? I am almost paralyzed(!) by choices.

Patrick Moorhead

SlingBox great and I will use the BB Beta, BUT many free alternatives now exist that do so much more for mobile users. To most smartphones and notebooks, I stream my personal videos, TV, pictures, and music. ORB and AMD Live! on Demand (Orb-based) have this functionality. Quite amazing on my wife’s iPhone and my Touch.

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