jkOnTheRun Browser stats- Firefox leads the way


We report on what browsers our visitors are using from time to time which gives a picture of the browser wars.  The current figures show that Firefox is still the browser of choice among savvy readers.  Internet Explorer is the next most-used browser among visitors.  Interestingly, Google Chrome is still holding steady at 5% which is slightly higher than Opera.  It has remained there since Chrome was first released.




Chrome would be perfect if it had a good adblocker… but looks like its firefox for me at the moment


What is the small slice in blue? Does it represent people using other browsers, like Arora (QT based, cross-platform), Epiphany (GNOME), Konqueror (KDE)…? :)


ie 8 beta 2 and ie hardness browsing taste, keeps me satisfied(more than satisfied!)

Bryan B.

Chrome is so nice. FF didn’t get along with my other computer, so I switched to Chrome. Flawless. It doesn’t hog resources like FF. It just works. And it looks nice.


I mostly use the RSS feed to read the posts. What’s the breakdown between people browsing to the site and people consuming via RSS?


Google Chrome NEEDS to release some add ons a la Firefox Addons style. As soon as it does that I’m happy to jump ship from Firefox to Chrome.

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