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EEStor Missing ZENN Milestones in 2008

It’s looking pretty official that EEStor won’t be able to reach two important milestones for its automaker partner ZENN Motors by the end of 2008: delivering a prototype energy storage device and a having a third-party verify the high level of permittivity of the powders it’s using in its technology. Tyler Hamilton of Clean Break quotes a letter that Ian Clifford, the CEO of ZENN Motors, sent out this week to ZENN investors that states EEStor isn’t likely to meet either of those goals in the remaining days of 2008.

EEStor CEO Dick Weir had already said back in August that the company wouldn’t be producing its electrical energy storage units (EESU) until sometime in 2009 — a deadline that was pushed back from mid-2008 — so the failure to meet these goals for ZENN isn’t a big shocker. Weir has also said that the previous delay in production was due to a delay in adequate funding, but said that the company had made progress with the necessary funding since then.

So does that mean 2009 is the big year for EEStor and ZENN, which plans to use EEStor’s energy storage device in an electric car? ZENN’s Clifford seems to think so. Hamilton quotes Clifford as saying that “2009 will be the year that the automotive industry changes forever,” because of the vehicle that ZENN will commercialize using EEStor’s technology. And EEStor did finally have its patent issued, on Dec. 16, which represents a milestone at least for the company’s ability to defend its intellectual property.

Others aren’t so sure that EEStor will ever deliver, given the company’s history of secrecy and missed milestones — any story about EEStor elicits an unusually high number of skeptical comments. If the company fails to meet its goals and production plans for 2009, then it’s probably a good indicator it’s having more than just funding problems, but real technical issues.

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  1. Laurence Schechtman

    What is this nonsense about “money issues?” If you had a device which would really revolutionize the clean car industry, don’t you think investors would be beating down your door with their money? Now that they have their patent there is no further excuse.

  2. View the following video clip of Ian Clifford CEO of ZENN from 2007 interview:
    I am glad I got rid of all my ZENN stocks. At 4 minutes 35 seconds, Ian states he expects EESU from EESTOR “End of Calendar ’07”. Did ZENN receive an operational EESU in 2007? NO. Then Ian in 2008 stated the delivery of the EESU was “imminent”. Well it ain’t gonna happen in 2008! Now Ian states “The time line for the delivery of an EESU is entirely within the purview of EEStor”. What does he think, we are stupid…sorry three strikes your out.
    A patent approval is no proof EESTOR has an operational EESU as they claim. Click on the following link:
    Scroll down to “May 5, 2004 UFTO Note – EEStor Ultracapacitor and Ultrabattery”, then read the last two sentences: “A number of major companies have said they would issue a purchase order quickly if specs are met. The company is currently seeking equity investment of $3.5 million. A business plan is available. Contact Richard D. Weir, President and CEO EEStor, Inc. Cedar Park, TX 512-258-5669” The above was submitted to the UFTO by none other than Dick Weir in May 5, 2004.
    May 2005, May 2006, May 2007, May 2008 has past and there still is no manufactured third party verified EESU by EESTOR. It’s going to be 5 years and no “Specs” are met, and EESTOR is still looking for funding/investments. If EESTOR’s EESU is going to revolutionize the world, why is EESTOR out of funding? Why is EESTOR selling licenses to bicycle company no one has heard of? Why hasn’t GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota signed a license agreement with EESTOR? How many more years is Dick Weir going to “BS” the public? I have reached the conclusion EESTOR is a SCAM!