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Iowa E85 Tanks Up: Iowa’s Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program board has awarded $1.52 million to 43 applicants for E85 and biodiesel infrastructure, including fuel dispensers and tank vehicles. — Green Car Congress

Plasmonic Solar Cells: Recent research suggests lacing solar cells with nanoscopic metal particles could boost capture of long-wavelength, reddish light ten fold. — Science Daily

Green Fox: Fox News, frequent host of climate-change deniers, has launched an environment-themed site running Associated Press stories about global warming and green living. — Fox’s How Green

Enterprising Kids, Take Note: In some regions, winter used to mean shoveling driveways. Now the list of seasonal chores for a growing number of homeowners includes clearing snow from solar panels. — New York Times

Nicaragua Turns to Wind Power: Nicaragua plans to have a $90 million wind farm up and running by next month, supplying 6 percent of the country’s energy needs. By 2013, Nicaragua aims to slash dependence on oil-based power to 3 percent. — Associated Press

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Self Sufficiency

Inoovation at its best :) I love that plasmonic solar cell – really does make the technology worthwhile!

Thanks Josie for keeping up with this :)

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