Daily Apple: Gesture Patents, 10.5.6 Danger, Hobo Justice, iPrint, & Brighter Pics


Old Dog, New Tricks Via Multitouch – I remember crudely wrestling with swipe gestures on my various Palm pilots over the years. It wasn’t perfect, but I did appreciate the quick delete function that a backwards stroke of the stylus resulted in. Apple may be working on putting in some similar gesture controls in upcoming firmware updates, or so some recent patent applications would seem to indicate.

10.5.6 Could Break Your Pro – At least one user got the awesome Christmas gift of a broken MacBook Pro this year, courtesy of Apple themselves via the recent 10.5.6 update. Apparently, the update ran his battery to zero, necessitating a restart. Upon restart, the Apple logo would briefly appear, followed by black screen. Eventually, he found a fix, but it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fun.

Homeless Sue Apple – Because it’s easier not to care when you’ve got those white earbuds in, this homeless group are suing Apple. Not, obviously, real, but I have to admit I read quite a bit before I caught on. I can’t be blamed, I’m experiencing serious turkey coma.

iPrint for iPhone Prints to HP Printers Wirelessly – I had some fun amazing my relatives with HP iPrint over the holidays this year. My grandmother was getting genuinely freaked out, since I kept surreptitiously snapping photos and then sending them to the main floor printer, located right behind her head. Of course, without a flash, most of those photos were indecipherable, but the ones that turned out definitely impressed.

Xenon Flash for iPhone – Speaking of the iPhone’s lack of camera flash, this case from Snapture can provide yours with a hardware one, good for a thousand uses. It uses Xenon, just like fancy-pants car headlights.



“Apparently, the update ran his battery to zero, necessitating a restart.”

Wow, what part of the ‘it’s not safe to install the update while running on battery power’ he didn’t understand?


If your issue is related to the *installation* of Mac OS X 10.5.6, this is a known issue. I wrote about the troubleshooting steps you can take to fix this at Mac Guru Lounge.

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