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Blogo 1.2 Adds New Options

blogoA while back we looked at Blogo, a unified blogging and microblogging client. Now they’ve put out version 1.2, which extends Blogo to support new targets and adds some useful options as well. If you’re an OS X user who posts online frequently, it’s worth a look.

One of the big wins for those who really want to fine-tune their blog entries is the addition of an HTML source view to the already-strong visual editor. Combined with the ability to download your blog’s actual template for previews, this makes it possible to have a very good idea of what posts will look like before they’re uploaded. If you’re a WordPress user, you’ll also be happy to see the support for the new comments API.

The built-in microblog viewer sports some polish, such as automatic posting of images to Twitpic and integration with Twitter search. It’s also integrated with now, which means you can use Blogo to post to many more microblogs beyond Twitter.

All in all, the new version is a nice holiday upgrade. Purchase price remains $25 with a three-week free trial.