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Actually, Sony has this “P-series” VAIO on their notebook section in the SonyStyle store, so maybe netbook isn’t the right term. Just ask Psion, if you don’t believe me. Eagle-eye reader Jose was browsing Sony’s online storefront and caught the new P hiding unsuccessfully at the front of the VAIO line. Not much to go on, but more than we had before although the picture is a TT-device placeholder. Looks like a 1.33GHz Intel CPU which could mean an Atom (dual core perhaps?), but might also be a variant of Intel’s Core Solo like the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC. She’ll come with Windows Vista Home Premium or Home Basic which is unlike most netbooks out on the market today.

Typical of Sony portable computers, the P will have a high-resolution screen. This one is eight-inches with a whopping 1600×768 res. That means you won’t have nearly as much scrolling as the typical 1024×600 netbook display. Of course, that’s assuming your eyes can handle the strain. I suspect many would-be owners will boosting up the DPI and font sizes. Storage comes in the form of a traditional hard drive up to a measly 60GB but you can opt for a 128GB SSD drive, which will likely bump up pricing a few hundred dollars.

First impressions of the limited specifications tell me that this isn’t a netbook in the traditional, expected sense… if you can call a first year product “traditional”. It doesn’t appear that Sony’s offering will compete on price in the netbook market as I’d expect a base starting price near the top-end of fully loaded netbooks. With options, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this small notebook command over a thousand dollars. That fits in with the “fits in a pocket” claim, because you won’t just need big pockets to afford this “netbook”, you’ll need a deep one to tote that 8-inch screen as well. I’m still convinced the form-factor is akin to a clamshell like the old HP Journada. Thanks Jose!


Raj Takhar

The Open Pandora Handheld UMPC device is better, it costs £220, has an arm cortex CPU, Wifi, Touchscreen, keyboard, dual SDHC slots, and 512MB NAND and 256MB RAM, with 10 Hours plus battery life. Already seen working Firefox, Ubuntu, Angstorm, Quake 2, Amiga Emulator, Sega SMS/MD/Genesis Emulator, Atari ST Emulator, SNES Emulator, Playstation Emulator, plus sheds loads of stuff being developed by Community.

This thing is the size of a Nintendo DS and man is it powerful, first batch sold out in Days –> due out in Late FEB/early MARCH 2009

Check it out here:


Regular HDD is lame. So they don’t even try any power saving measure. They only charge you a couple hundreds “Sony tax” for a weird ratio screen.

Sony mini laptops are lame, their old ones ran on Crusoe chips are worse design than the original Toshiba Libretto. There I said it.


Please stop insisting that C1MV has 1280 x 600.
C1MV true resolution is 1024 x 480.


I had said it before – the picturebook (I got the C1VFK) is the best true portables I ever had, of course time and various other aspects taken into account. I really, really hope this is true. And FWIW, the wide aspect of the C1 is one of the reasons I consider it to be so good. The keyboard is another reason. The extremely convenient scrool-wheel on the side another reason. Hopefully Sony stick to old lessons, and recreate something that good. And running Linux on it will be very easy in that case. I cross my fingers!


Think Intel Core 2 Duo, think Intel L7200 or U7700. ;-)
Later versions will have a HSDPA modem built-in.
Price tag starting somewhere beyond 1500-2000 USD.
No, this ain’t no netbook. ;-)


It was a deliberate marketing leak I suspect. Unlikely that someone was editing the live site.

Netbook Insider Forum

Yep, looks like they took it down from the site, as there is no longer a P series listed. I seen it earlier (same as the screen shot above) when I first read this post, now it is gone. Obviously the details haven’t been finalized, as there were variables in the listing.


@ Dpep: Is that not exactly what people were saying about the 4.5″ 1024×600 screen for the UX series?


There is no P series listed any longer.

@dpep- how is posting a screen shot from the Sony website (if JK cropped the pic himself) irresponsible?

If someone sent it to him he can’t know if it was photoshopped, but otherwise it certainly got my attention!


I was interested in a Sony netbook until I read it ran Windows Vista.

Stop being whores for Microsoft, Sony. It only kills your product. Develop a truly mobile Linux build or something.


The C1MV is 1280×600, I mean it doesn’t even look like a normal widescreen.

The C1MV is wider:

If they make it 1280×768 it will definitely have a huge space on the sides for speakers like the EEE 701.


i dont wanna be mean, but how can some of you guys be so stupid? do you have any idea how much money it would cost Sony to do a manufacture run of custom cuts 8″ 1600 x 768?

Eng & JK should have been more responsible when posting this story to warn people that something didnt seem right about the specs. you should never assume your audience is smarter than it is, just look at the EnG comments. that is unless of course EnG & JK believe this as well.


fraggo, 1280×600 is not wider than 1600×768. And the C1MV had 1280×768 screen, which is a common resolution, (and one of the two res available for 8.9″ LCDs).

1600×768 is a ridiculous 16:7.7 aspect ratio. It’s more than twice as wide as it is tall. No PC graphics vendor has driver for that resolution. I can tell you for sure that Intel will never provide that res in their drivers.

It’s going to be a 8.9″ 1280×768 LCD. Bank on it.


Believe it: It’s 1600×768.
The Sony VAIO C1MV Picturebook had 1280×600;
that’s wider than 1600×768!


Yessss that screen resolution is SWEET. The higher the better, you can always scale down a little. Pricing is the big thing I want to hear, if its $600 or so then consider me SOLD!


1600×768 isn’t a proper aspect ratio that anyone makes. 1600×900 is 16:9, so it might be that and the 768 part is a typo, but in all likelihood, it’s another 1280×768 panel (and probably 8.9″ and not 8″).


Ugh if this is a silverthorne atom at 1.33ghz with vista… well we will all know how that will turn out (see dell mini 12)


And why should we believe you and not Sony? :p
Are you saying they made a mistake or someone hacked the site? Very doubtful. We already know the shape of the device is very long which suggests the screen is wider than WXGA aspect ratio, and the 1600×768 backs up that claim.
It isn’t the first time that we’ve seen insane resolutions in smaller screens. The Fujitsu U820 has a 1280×800 on a 5″ screen.


you people do realize the Sony guys are just messing with you right? those are NOT the real specs. i cant believe people could even look at that (especially the resolution) & be duped so easily. the resolution is actually 1280 x 768, 8.9″ screen, Atom CPU (Pou)

the OS really is Vista though, it was the only way to include a WXGA screen. the good thing is they will be offering XP drivers.

Corrupted Mind

Kevin, as a Q1 owner (and member of the appreciation club) I know that 5hrs is possible – the only thing us Q1 users fail to mention as another hr passes is how much tweaking is done to get it over that line. 6hrs real world (un-tweaked) is the first staging post on to the 8hr working day of avg joe and the mainstream.


Some guy walked into my work the other night with a notebook that looked exactly like this. It was small and netbook size with the silver Vaio and hinges.

Kevin C. Tofel

6 hours of battery life is a possibility but without the specifics of the hardware, it’s difficult to say. My Samsung Q1UP runs a 1.33GHz Core Solo on a 54 Whr battery and five hours is pretty normal run-time.

Corrupted Mind

No surprises here then, Sony make another small notebook. I spoke about this with my favourite vaio collector and he said it looks like a re-release of something they’ve done before but without the violet colour scheme!
The only number that might make this interesting is battery life – I don’t know why but I have a feeling they might of hit 6hrs real world with this. (Its not worth thinking about price because it will be un-netbook-esque).

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