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Netbook Trademark Owner Threatens Bloggers

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Our sister site, jkOnTheRun, is reporting that certain netbook enthusiast sites are getting cease-and-desist orders from Psion Teklogix, maker of the Psion netBook in the early 2000s. They have a copy of a C&D order and are trying to find out more. They did confirm that while the Psion netBook has been discontinued, the company still sells accesories for the device. Its trademark is here, but it’s also not the only company with a live trademark on the term. I suppose it’s easier to go after bloggers than Intel (s INTC), which has been pushing the netbook moniker along with its Atom chips.

4 Responses to “Netbook Trademark Owner Threatens Bloggers”

  1. Hi there,

    Your link to TESS is broken since the session expired but the issue is more serious than you make out. The other ‘live’ trademarks (eg MSI, Cody, etc.) are only ‘live’ in that they have been initially refused for ‘likelihood of confusion’ with Psion’s mark and the response period has not yet ended. In fact they’re almost certainly dead ducks so (for the time being at least) Psion have a stronger claim than they really should have over the term.

    In my opinion it’s generic. Hopefully the vendors that Psion is almost certainly threatening as well (HP, Dell, etc.) will stand their ground and push for a finding of genericide. Psion can still dust off the old blueprints, bring a device to market and claim to be the first netbook, but a monopoly over the term is a bit much.