Daily Sprout

Solar Subsidies Strike Back: Japanese officials announced plans today to bring back subsidies for solar panels on homes, starting with $99.6 million for the first quarter of 2009. — Reuters

End of the SUV Era: Factory closings in recent years have left the Big Three with only one plant each still devoted to making traditional SUVs. GM closed more factories in Wisconsin and Ohio yesterday. — New York Times

Sea Change Among Energy Execs: In a recent survey of 52 oil and gas executives by Deloitte, only about a dozen respondents said they expect oil and gas to be America’s cheapest energy source in 25 years. Three-quarters considered it a good idea for the U.S. to phase out fossil fuels for transportation. — Los Angeles Times

Tiny Toyota EV: Toyota is keeping mostly mum about the all-electric concept vehicle it plans to show at the Detroit auto show next month. One detail just in: The car will be smaller than the Prius. — Detroit Free Press

Toshiba Bets on Efficient Motors, “Super Charge” Batteries: Rivals are shutting down plants and halting expansion, but Toshiba Corp. said today it will go ahead with construction of a high-efficiency motor factory in Vietnam and a long-life, rapid-charge battery plant in Japan. — AFP


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