BlogTV CEO Leaves Company

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Just two weeks after we profiled his live video startup, BlogTV CEO Guy Eliav has left for greener pastures. Eliav, who had worked for more than nine years at BlogTV parent company the Tapuz Group, took a new gig as CEO of Israeli TV web portal nana10.

A BlogTV spokesperson said that BlogTV co-founder and CTO Oren Levy would take over the CEO spot, and that the company would continue down its current path, which includes opening up its revenue-sharing program to all users.

In a blog post announcing the move, Eliav commended BlogTV’s progress despite limited resources and global economic circumstances. In contrast to its live-streaming competitors, who are going for big-ticket items like events, BlogTV has been trying to build a network of YouTube stars who use the site to chat live with their biggest fans during primetime hours. It has seen some modest success.

We commented in June that being a video startup CEO is a thankless job, with many such execs “stepping down” as their companies floundered. It appears to have only gotten harder since then.

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