New Media Resolutions #2: Mark Rock, CEO, BestBefore Media

Over Christmas and New Year, paidContent:UK is asking digital media execs to pledge a resolution for the year ahead and look back at the last 12 months. First up was MSN UK executive producer Peter Bale; next up is Mark Rock, whose BestBefore Media makes web video platforms for broadcasters…

imageWhat’s your New Year’s resolution?: “Pay the rent, launch an audio equivalent to YouTube, show the broadcast industry how it can really save money, have a holiday, stop swearing in front of the children.”

Biggest regret of 2008?: “Spending too much time talking to production companies and broadcasters rather than just getting on with it. Not telling the wife she was crazy to think about moving house to be closer to a school.”

What will really happen next year?: “The whole economy will go in to meltdown for the whole year – we’ve only seen the start of it. The Independent will be web-only, Channel 4 will get rid of Andy Duncan and the only safe place to be will be the Beeb.”

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