Use Zoom to View Websites Easier on Smaller Screened PCs


firefox-3-zoomI have an understandable soft spot for the original 800×480 resolution UMPCs since I owned two of them. I later upgraded to a 1024×600 display with the Samsung Q1UP, but I remember bunches of scrolling when viewing websites on the first two Q1 devices. Nostalgia aside, Pocketables offers up a great tip for a better web experience on those older devices.

In Firefox 3.x, you can hit the “CTRL +” or “CTRL -” keyboard combo to zoom the entire web page in or out. Note that this is different from increasing or decreasing the font size; it causes the whole page to zoom so that you can fit it on a lower resolution display. If your device doesn’t have an integrated keyboard, this type of shortcut might be handy to program into a hardware button, although Firefox will remember your zoom setting even after closing it and reopening it.

Note that if you use Internet Explorer 7 or Opera, you can accomplish the same results either with a key combo or the zoom setting at the bottom right of the browser.  Just be sure that you uncheck any “Zoom Text Only” type of setting if there is one in your browser. If you forget to do that, you won’t be zooming the page; you’ll be giving yourself an eye-test with ginormous and itty-bitty text.


Miles M.

The “CTRL +” or “CTRL -” keyboard combo also works in Chrome.


As always, Opera leads the pack, no different with this feature. ;)

ctrl-scrollbutton up/down on the mouse will zoom very quickly and easily. ctrl-click on the scrollbutton will reset you to 100% zoom.

Opera does zooming and small screen rendering better than any other browser out there easily. If zooming a page is important to you then Opera is the browser to use.


The page scaling abilities of Firefox 3.x.x was the primary attraction to me when I considered upgrading the otherwise ‘locked in’ FF 2.x.x. on my Linux EeePC 4G, with its 7″ screen.

There were some horror stories getting it installed in the Asus, but a member at eeeuser came up with a script that works wonders to get 3.0.1 onboard the Asus OS, at which point you can then get to 3.0.5. Its here –

Meanwhile, the scaling helps a great deal and is, as noted above, its dead easy to do and FF remembers the setting. FF 3.0.1’s default settings of the ‘Awesome Bar’ were a pain in the butt on a small screen, but that’s been dealt with with later versions.

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