Try Mozilla’s Fennic Mobile Browser on Windows, Mac or Linux



Hot on the heels of a mobile device browsing tip, I see that Mozilla has outed the next alpha version of their Fennic browser. Fennic is the mobile version of Firefox that’s currently targeted at the Nokia Internet Tablet line, but that’s likely just the beginning of device support considering the vast amount of mobile phones out on the market.

Want to get a preview of what a mobile version of Firefox will look like? You don’t need a Nokia Internet Tablet to kick Fennic’s tires because the development team has a version for Windows, Mac and Linux. These are unsupported versions and this is an alpha build, but if you want a glimpse of Firefox’s future in terms of mobile, this is a great way to get it.

I installed this to my Mac and like what I see, bearing in mind that I’m imagining the user experience on a handheld device with a touchscreen. Above you can see that I have two tabs open, one for jkOnTheRun and one for TechMeme. Panning to the left of the main display shows the open tabs while panning to the right shows various controls, settings, favorites and more. It’s a great way to virtually extend the screen on a limited display size.


Gavin Miller

It’s taken a long time, but FINALLY we’re getting decent mobile browsing! Opera, Safari, even IE6 Mobile are very usable indeed.

Can’t wait to see this one in action.

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