NewTeeVee’s Top Posts of 2008

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As we close out 2008, we look to our most-read stories of the year, a list that nicely highlights all the different things happening in online video: shows, stars, tech; companies large and small. (Of course, we couldn’t legitimately call ourselves a blog without a bread-winning Top 5 list and a good old-fashioned rant.) But seriously, this year’s top 10 stories show a more mature industry than last year’s list, by including news about popular web shows themselves, as well as tips on where to find things that are actually (well, most of the time) officially streamed online, rather than posted illegally.

Here’s our walk down memory lane:

  1. 19-Year-Old Commits Suicide on by Liz Gannes, published Nov. 20
  2. The Pirate Bay Wants to Encrypt the Entire Internet by Janko Roettgers, published July 9
  3. Zero Punctuation Equals Millions of Views by Wagner James Au, published Jan. 24
  4. Comcast Cameras to Start Watching You by Chris Albrecht, published March 18
  5. NBC Puts Webisodes on Schedule, Embraces UGC by Chris Albrecht, published April 2
  6. Pirate Olympics: 5 Alternative Ways to Watch the Olympics Online by Janko Roettgers, published Aug. 5
  7. Where to Watch the Palin-Biden Debate Online by Liz Gannes, published Oct. 1
  8. Dear Comcast, Why is My DVR So Dumb? by Chris Albrecht, published Feb. 29
  9. Do Zero Punctuation Video Game Reviews Influence Videogame Sales? by Wagner James Au, published Nov. 15
  10. Tom Cruise, Spoofed by Superhero Movie by Liz Shannon Miller, published March 26

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