Earthcomber’s Free Personal Radar App Arrives for iPhone

earthcomber-iphoneMany moons ago, we offered a video look at Earthcomber’s iPhone-specific web site. The service has been around since 2005 and supports many device platforms, but up to now hasn’t been a native application on the iPhone. I say “up to now” because you can grab Earthcomber for free in the iTunes App Store. It still offers the great features that I showed off last year, but like most mobile-formatted websites that have morphed into standalone apps, it’s a much cleaner and easier to use. Don’t just take my word for it though; even though it’s free in the App Store, you can get a web-based simulation right on the Earthcomber website.

I still like the category listing to navigate through various venues in the area. It’s a wide range, from Bars & Clubs to tours of cultural attractions and everything in between. Based on your location, every venue is available on a map so you can get visual directions with a tap, or you can view locations in a list, complete with the distance from where you are. While you can always get by with local searches in standard search engines, Earthcomber can be better personalized by signing up for a free account. The “My Radar” function acts like a social search, showing you friends and favorite locations in the area. Overall, it’s handy and free. I’ve got it installed on my iPhone and I’m sure Tyler and I will be using it to find things to do on our Phoenix trip this weekend.


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