Daily Sprout

VantagePoint Raises $435M for New Fund: VantagePoint Venture Partners, backer of cleantech poster children Better Place, Tesla Motors, and BrightSource Energy, has raised $435 million for its second fund. — Venture Beat

It’s a Bird, It’s a Hybrid, It’s an Emergency Generator: A Toyota Prius powered the refrigerator, freezer, TV, wood stove, fan, and lights for three days on five gallons of gasoline in a Massachusetts home during a blackout. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Top Gear Admits to Faking Tesla Breakdown: The British TV show Top Gear has admitted to faking a breakdown during its test of the Tesla Roadster. Tesla gets to be right, Top Gear gets a viral video. — Wired

“Clean Coal” Playing Dirty: Members of a coal industry group that has spent $45 million advertising the clean energy potential of coal made $57 billion last year and invested only $3.5 billion in carbon capture and storage research, according to a new Center for American Progress report. — Politico

Bailout? Check. Cars Ready to Roll? Not So Much: When Chrysler got its first bailout, it had a series of economy vehicles in the pipeline. This time around, Detroit has grand visions that may not yield popular models quickly enough to keep the Big Three afloat. — USA Today