Ferrell-Backed Comedy Site FOrD Raises $3 Million Worth, Maybe


FunnyOrDie, the company with a network of online content site and backed by Will Ferrell and Sequoia Capital, has raised a new round of $3 million from one undisclosed investor, according to an SEC filing. No word on whether this is a new tranche, or part of the $15 million it raised earlier this year. The SEC filing says this new money is “in-kind contributions for marketing, publicity and promotional support for programing”, which makes it seem like something HBO may be doing to promote the ForD and its sister sites across its TV channels. Time Warner-owned HBO earlier took a stake in the comedy site. The company, launched last year, quickly expanded into other spinoff sites, but then ramped back on some of them like BlueCollarOrDie, killing it earlier this year.


digital piglet

Totally. HBO has been pushing their stuff, like they did with the new Flight of the Conchords Season Premier on funnyordie.com.


I think you are dead on re HBO. Will is currently woodshed'ing his one man broadway show (on GWB) for early next year (Feb, I believe), which will be on HBO as a special soon after.

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